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    Default Show group header above each displayed table

    Dear team,

    I need your assistant and help in solving the issue while displaying the records in a table. I am looking for a group header to be placed above each printed table for its related category and subcategory, as well as, the no. of the records for each table to be shown at the top of the table.

    The table contains columns for category, subcategory, name. ex:

    Category Subcategory Name

    CON Retail AAA

    CON Wholesale BBB

    SPEC Retail CCC

    What I am looking for is the below layout:

    Category/Subcategory (No. of records) –similar to a group header

    Name – Country ..etc ----Table header

    table records

    Here is my code below:
    Java Code:
    //Retrieve the values from the DB
    while (
    //to compare the existing category with the previous one and to display group header
    if ((category_name1).equals(temp_category_name) )
    <%=category_name1%> / <%=subcategory_name1%> <%=count%>  //Currently it is showing duplicate values many times and the count is wrong
                                    if (!(subcategory_name1).equals(temp_subcategory_name) )
    <table width="80%">
                                                    <th> Name</th>
                                                    <th>Country </th>
    The problem in the above code is that it is showing the group headers category & sub ctageory multiple times and the count is incorrect. So, please assist me in correcting the above one.

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    Default Re: Show group header above each displayed table

    The problem is you did not fectch data in ordered format of category and sub category. You can alter your query like "order by category , sub ctageory" so that you may not get too many headers. I hope it would also resolve your count problem as well.
    (Living @ Virtual World)

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