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    Default Java GUI for Browser

    Hi ,I want to create a GUI that runs/opens in browser like a registration form.
    that may as required add the filled data into database.
    All this I wish to do specifically in Java.

    My question is what should i use to crea
    te such GUI like JSP ,servlet ,HTML ,Applet?
    Or combination of which technology's above ,I'm a lot confused as i'm new to this task....
    plz any advice will b helpfull

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    Default Re: Java GUI for Browser

    Yeah so you want a basic web application. You can use whatever you want, as long as you don't use an applet because that will only disappoint you. So good luck figuring out what you want to use! And beware that before you can do this, you will need to learn the theory behind the internet. TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML, CSS, all that goodness.

    A good first read:

    Free Online Version of Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages (Second Edition) in PDF
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