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    Default Hosting .war file

    Hello, I'm a beginner on jsp and servlets..
    Now I've recently made a .war file in eclipse and I can upload it to my tomcat server.
    The problem that I can't seem to figure out is, why would you want to upload your .war file to your own local server?
    I mean whats the point? I want my apps on the whole internet not just my own computer.
    As it is now, my computer has to stay online because the tomcat server runs on it, is there a way to upload your .war file so the whole internet can acces it? Just like a ftp.

    I hope somebody could give me a clear view on this subject, because I've googled alot and the only thing I could come up with is Web Hosting Provider for Java Hosting | Tomcat Hosting | JSP Servlets | PHP | ASP .NET | ColdFusion | cPanel | Plesk Windows web hosting and much more! and the livechat can't help me aswell.

    Thansk in advance, Jimme

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    Default Re: Hosting .war file

    Don't know if clever spam or a real question... I'll assume the latter.

    If you want to host your site somewhere, you'll need to contract a hosting service which in the context of Java is hard to find and usually quite costly. Its the basics of the internet (global, not Java specific), so I'd google it not from the context of Tomcat or Java, but rather just from "a website".
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