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    Default Go back to previous page using session in JSP page

    Hi Friends,

    I created 4 jsp pages;
    page 1 for login for shopping cart
    page 2 for selecting items
    page 3 for address of the customer
    page 4 for confirm items selected

    i have a "back" button and "ok" button in page 4 . if i select "back" button I should go back to page 2. when we go back to page 2 ,the data that was select previously should be appeared.

    please let me know the code using sessions in JSp

    Appriciate your help in advance.
    Thank you

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    INPUT type="button" value="Back" onclick()="history.back()"

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    1. The question was asked more than 3 years ago.
    2. The suggestion is irrelevant to the actual problem.

    Closing this thread.


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