I've created a jsp page that's called by a servlet, and it displays an applet, so that's very good so far, but I created my applet outside of the webproject. In my code I load data from an Access file and an img file (it's only an application for learning purpose) (it's a manager for basketball teams)

No in my applet project if I want to call the access database or the image file I only have to do this:


the two files are located in the Basketball_manager folder, wich is also the name of the project, everything works fine here,

but in my webversion i have an other directory structure but I don't want to change the code so the relative path's should still be ./accesfile.acdb and ./basketballcourtAttack.png (that's the exact code from the class files). No I can't figure out where to put those two files in my web project so that this still works.

this is the directory of the classes folder:

C:\Users\Lieselotte_Denoo\Desktop\BasketBall_Coach ing_Web\build\web\Classes\basketball_coaching

On my jsp page i call for the GUI and it loads the applet correctly in any webbrowser so that's very good for me.

Directory of jsp page:

C:\Users\Lieselotte_Denoo\Desktop\BasketBall_Coach ing_Web\build\web\WEB-INF

Can somebody explain me where I should put that img and Access file in my webproject so I can retrieve it just by this code: ./accesfile.acdb and ./basketballcourtAttack.png