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    Default if not clicked,then pass.... help

    well im developing a system,which has

    1) Employee

    where the employee sends feedback to CEO...i created a feedback form and all the data that an employee sends will be saved in database and get retrieved in CEO's profile so that ceo will read feedback..,...
    when employee sends feedback,,....the sent feedback will be stored and retrived in ceo's profile like

    Feedback From:(Employee Name) (Employee ID) Check Feedback

    ( Check Feedback is a BUTTON),...then clicking on BUTTON opens a window having feedback matter and CEO will read it....

    now what i want is...if the CEO do not click the BUTTON for 3 days,then the Manager will recieve a scrolling about the feedback

    So how exactly i can make???????

    Here i can find two cases....

    1)Using date function and 2)implementing logic on "if button not clicked for 3 days,then action of displaying it in Manager's profile...."

    Please do help me in this....
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