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    Default Reacting to radio button selection


    I am sorry for replying to a very old Thead but I could not locate any place that will answer my question. My question lays very closer to this. I am also doing a online form which is a feed back. Based on the radio buttons in the top of the page, I need to render rest of the form elements

    Java Code:
    			path="categoryCode" items="${questionCategories}"
    			itemValue="form_category_code" itemLabel="form_category" /> </span>
    Then the sub categories of the form will be listed below that based on the selection above

    Java Code:
    			path="subCategory" items="${subCategories}"
    			itemValue="form_sub_category_code" itemLabel="form_sub_category" />

    and again based on the sub category selection, I need to do more changes (sometimes a drop down etc.. and finally the question list)

    I need to bind these values also for a Module Attribute and my form is something like this

    Java Code:
    <form:form action="${actionUrl}"
    	method="POST" modelAttribute="CustomerFeedback"
    	enctype="multipart/form-data" name="CustomerFeedbackFormSingleton">

    Anyone who can help??? I was struggling for this for a week and still no progress. I tried with
    Java Code:
    Java Code:
    Lazy List
    but later realized it does not cater my requirement.

    Appreciates your help


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    Default Re: Reacting to radio button selection

    Removed from

    Quote Originally Posted by Upeksha View Post
    I am sorry for replying to a very old Thead
    Just don't do it again.

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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