Hi all,

I am using display tags taglib for generation of table. One of the columns has to be shown with the hyperlink attached to it. In order to acheive this i am using jstl taglib together with displaytags
Java Code:
<display:table name="reportList" id="row" requestURI="viewengagementstatus.do" style="width: 100%;">
<display:column  title="Period"  sortable="true" style="text-align:  center;" >
<a href="/jsps/reportsummary.do?eid=<c:out value="${row.eid}" />&amp;reportId=<c:out value="${row.ReportID}" />&amp;reportPeriod=<c:out value="${row.targetDate}"/> " target="_blank"><font size="1"><c:out value="${row.targetDate}"/></font></a>

I am using jstl1.1.2.jar for jstl.
When i run this on Weblogic10 and windows OS i am able to view the results. On performing the view source on the IE window, i get the following:
XML Code:
<td style="text-align:  center;">
			<a href="/jsps/reportsummary.do?eid=78004&amp;reportId=104093&amp;reportPeriod=Nov-2008 " target="_blank"><font size="1">Nov-2008</font></a>
but when the same code is run on the Weblogic deployed on the Linux machine, i am not getting the links and the name:
the view-source of the application deployed on the linux machine shows:
XML Code:
td style="text-align:  center;">
			<a href="/jsps/reportsummary.do?eid=&amp;reportId=&amp;reportPeriod=" target="_blank"><font size="1"></font></a>
Any Ideas why this is occuring?
Any help would be appreciated