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    Default JSP Event Handling!!!

    Hello Guys!!!

    I create two jsp pages with simple html coding inside it. First page is Login page and second page is Admin Panel page. Login page has two buttons but here's problem. How can i perform event handling on these buttons that i created in jsp page? Any suggestions/help is appreciated.... Thanks!!!

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    Default Re: JSP Event Handling!!!

    That would be javascript, surely?
    Or do you mean something else when you say "event handling"?
    The only other thing I can think of is a button resulting in a request to the server, which would be HTML.
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    Default Re: JSP Event Handling!!!

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    Default Re: JSP Event Handling!!!


    Event handling you can achieve with java, But JSP or Html is client side code
    it will be interpreted by browser. You can't user event handling over there

    Instead you can use very simple java script to achieve the same.

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