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    Default foreach in jstl to display nested colums-struts jsp

    Iam displaying Columns from Object which in turn has many feilds but this CList is an array other are simple object like fName lName etc...

    <display:table name="${form.results}" id="row" cellpadding="true">
    <display:column property="fName" value="${row.fName}"/>

    <c:forEach var="mycList" items="${cList}">
    <c:forEach var="myCSummary" items="${mycList.CSummary}">
    <c:out value="${myCSummary.cType}"/>

    <display:column property="cAType" value="${row.cAType}"/>
    <display:column property="cType" value="${row.cType}"/>



    I hope iam clear, Please reply can we use c:forEach to iterate through list of array object (CList)and which has CSummary , and CSummary has two elements CType and CAType.

    // for example


    // and CSummary this i have two elements


    Thank you,

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    how to connet jsp with crystal report? i am using netbeans5.0 and tomcat server. i need source code to understand this concept.plz... anyboby help me.

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