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    Default What can JSP be used for?

    I am new to Java, these forums and am currently learning the language.
    I might want to get into website programming, but want to know how much like PHP is JSP is, and can they be used for the same things? Can you make a community website, similar to Twitter or Facebook with JSP? Is it good with databases?
    And also, is JSP very similar to Java, could I just pick it up easily?
    This is my first post.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: What can JSP be used for?

    You don't do those things with JSPs.
    JSPs are the display part of a Java web application.
    Most of the work of that is done via Servlets which call the relevant processing layers (eg database access) before forwarding to the JSP to display the correct content.
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    Default Re: What can JSP be used for?

    PHP and JSP are both server-side web programming technologies. According to this, JSP has often better performance than PHP. However, a JSP app cannot be deployed on any server, because the server must provide a servlet container like jetty or tomcat. JSP is more suitable for larger web projects.

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