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    Default JSP Compile Time with Hosting Company is All of Sudden Way to Long -

    Hello -

    Having a terrible time identifying why my JSP dynamic pages (serve database info via servlets) are all of a sudden taking a long time to compile on remote host.

    Situation is that recently moved our in-house development from a machine running JRUN 4 onto a new in-house machine using Tomcat 7 within the last 2 weeks.

    Hosting service has been the same for 6 years.
    --> JSP code has not changed, the servlet .class files or the MYSQL connections have not changed within the last 2 weeks.

    Prior to our in-house machine switch, JSP pages were compiled instantly on remote host. Since the in-house move from JRUN 4 to Tomcat 7, initial JSP complile can take up to 45 seconds on remote host.

    Logs indicate no errors; hosting company sees no indications on their side (increased heap, memory, move to faster server, etc.).

    Also, we see no lag time when loading/compiling JSP pages in house on our Tomcat 7.0.

    The only change is switch from JRUN 4 in-house machine to Tomcat 7 in-house machine that is used to generate the JSP pages. Makes no sense to me that such a move would/could cause this JSP compiling issue.

    The site has 40k pages, so pre-compile doesn't seem a possibility. But once the JSP pages are compiled and are called = instant.

    Looking for a needle in haystack with this post, but frustration seems to be winning. Any suggestions, ideas, experiences would be great.


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    Default Re: JSP Compile Time with Hosting Company is All of Sudden Way to Long -

    Moved from New to Java

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