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Thread: Images in JSP

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    Default Images in JSP

    I have an application in java, with ejbs and struts. This application shows to a certain list of people and its dates of birthday, each person has a Link where I can go to his details, where it must have a photo.
    My problem is that not all people have photo, my doubt is:

    Does exist some tag? or some way to go to ask if that photo is in a directory and if this not to show a photo by defect?


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    Default RE: Images in JSP

    Hi daniel, the file class has the method exists() that returns to you a boolean if this file exists or doesn't
    File (Java 2 Platform SE v1.4.2)

    please consider this link, you can say that your persons has an image, maybe default,(saved in somewhere)

    I have been worked like this but in ddbb I'v saved the url of the image.

    Really I don't know what will happen if you load the images in the ddbb more than one time


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