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    Default Create registration form | insert into database | call the database


    XML Code:
    <form action="requestobject.jsp" method="post">
    	Nim <input type="text" name="txtNim"/>
        Nama <input type="text" name="txtNama" />
        Jenis Kelamin <select name="txtJenisKelamin"> 
        Alamat <textarea name="txtAlamat" cols="20" rows="10"></textarea>
        Telp <input type="text" name="txtTelp" />
        Status <select name="txtStatus"> 
                        <option>In Relationship</option>
                      </select><br />
        Hobi <input type="text" name="txtHobi" />
        <input type="submit" value="Submit" name="txtSubmit" class="submit" />
    here is my JSP
    Java Code:
    <%@page import="java.util.*" %>
    	String Nim, Nama, JenisKelamin, Alamat, Telp, Status, Hobi;
    	if(request.getParameter("txtNim") == null)
    			Nim = "";
    			Nim = request.getParameter("txtNim");
    	if(request.getParameter("txtNama") == null)
    			Nama = "";
    			Nama = request.getParameter("txtNama");
    	if(request.getParameter("txtJenisKelamin") == null)
    			JenisKelamin = "";
    			JenisKelamin = request.getParameter("txtJenisKelamin");
    	if(request.getParameter("txtAlamat") == null)
    			Alamat = "";
    			Alamat = request.getParameter("txtAlamat");
    	if(request.getParameter("txtTelp") == null)
    			Telp = "";
    			Telp = request.getParameter("txtTelp");
    	if(request.getParameter("txtStatus") == null)
    			Status = "";
    			Status = request.getParameter("txtStatus");
    	if(request.getParameter("txtHobi") == null)
    			Hobi = "";
    			Hobi = request.getParameter("txtHobi");
    	Nim <%=Nim %><br />
        Nama <%=Nama %><br />
        Jenis Kelamin <%=JenisKelamin %><br />
        Alamat <%=Alamat %><br />
        Telp <%=Telp %><br />
        Status <%=Status %><br />
        Hobi <%=Hobi %>
    How to store all this input into sql database?
    i already installed jasperreport, but i dunno how to create a database. Before i get in touch with jsp, i just use phpmyadmin from XAMPP
    now i use different server, i dunno how to do that, can anyone lead me?

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    Default Re: Create registration form | insert into database | call the database

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    Default Re: Create registration form | insert into database | call the database

    @doWhile : btw, what IDE i should use to create that database? and where should i put it? i found many code, i just dunno where to place it

    Example, if in XAMPP (phpmyadmin), i just go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ then create a database over there, if i use jasperserver, where i can do something like that to create database? or i should use IDE to create that? i am confuse because every tutorial doesn't show how to create from the beginning (for dumb beginning xD ), they just start with the code

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    Default Re: Create registration form | insert into database | call the database

    I would suggest learning about whatever database you are planning on using first.
    Almost all of them come with some from of front end to use, even if it's just a command line based thing.
    That way you'll know how your database works, which is pretty important if you plan on using them.

    Then create a simple Java app that connects to the database and runs some SQL (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) just so you have some idea of how all those things work.
    That will give you a basic toolkit of code that you can then apply to your problem above.

    Note, I would not do this in a JSP but in a Servlet, indeed in some separate code that the Servlet calls. That's a lot easier to debug than JSP code, which should be just for displaying the results.
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