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    Thumbs up How to track client logout time and orignal ipaddress (not gateway) in java


    1) I want to capture the client logout time, when he closes the window in wrong way also i.e. "X" (window close).
    I tried using javascript, "onunload", but some times working and sometimes not.
    So, i want to try entirely in java only.

    2) I want to capture the client original login system IP, not gateway IP, i am getting client ip if i use Sessions.
    Using, java only i want to capture client Original Ip, where ever he login from.

    very very urg...............

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    Getting the actual IP is not likely, one can record enough information about the transaction that logging and so on could be effective There are all manner of IP-V4 substitutions going on so that admnistrators can juggle all the equipment and traffic. Just ask the user for some simple information - the proverbial username and password are sufficient. If you have real troubles, coding at this skill level is just going to make you the target of much more skilled people.

    I have heard of at least one discussion that there is no way to capture a system.exit() event. Ask your users to logout. If they won't, go back to Burger Barn and ask for your old job back till you find some decent people.
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