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    Question Please lead me in the right direction for an upcoming project.

    Hello, I am developing a program for a Small Business that I work for. I was originally going to use Filemaker Pro 11 because it seems like it would make this so easy, but there are limitations. As a computer science major I feel guilty not actually programming it fully. Please let me know what programming/web language/framework/database type you would recommend for something like this. Here are the Specs:

    It has to be web based and accessed from all over. Although, we do have 2 small offices with about 10 computers total and a server if part of it should be ran local. The whole thing still has to be able to be accessed from home too though.
    Users must have different permission sets.
    The most complex part of this program is Vendor Price Comparison (so it is the only part I will describe):

    A tab delimited material list (Name, Quantity, Unit, Category) is exported from our Estimating Software. The program I am going to develop will have Projects and Vendors in the database. Once a project is added to the database, building types (ex. Type A, Type B, etc.) will be added to the project. Then each material list that was exported will be imported into each building type. So now we have a Project with multiple building types and each building type has its own material list. Then finally all of the unique values and added quantities of all a project's material lists need to be combined into one overall project material list. This list will be sent out through e-mail with an invitation to bid to selected vendors (will vary based on project type).

    Once Vendors receive the e-mail they will login through the web, projects that they have been invited to bid will be listed, they can click into each, view the overall project's list with empty price fields next to each. Then the vendors will price the pieces of material that they are supposed to price and submit all pricing.

    Now the final step is to be able to compare all received vendor pricing for a project with all kinds of cross tab reports, etc.

    All of this leads to finalizing purchase orders, dealing with invoices, possibly integrating with quickbooks, etc...

    Could anyone lead me in the right direction listing a couple of options that I have to develop something like this. (I am kind of trying not to use Microsoft's ASP.NET and C#/VB which would probably be perfect for something like this).
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