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    Default Return custom object in Java Webservice


    I have simple Java Web Service but I need return a some serializable object (some members of the class) as XML but I don't know how... In .NET it was so easy, in response Class you should add

    [System.Xml.Serialization.XmlRoot(Namespace="someth ing")]
    class responseClass.... {
    public returnMember = 'Hello, world';

    was in XML

    <returnMember>Hello, world</returnMember>

    How I can do this in Jave Web Services?? It's possible without AXIS2 or something like this? Thanks. No idea

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    Default Re: Return custom object in Java Webservice

    You would need something to do that for you (JAXB probably).
    Also I expect it would be CDATA?
    If you're sending a class over I would argue that you define the class as part of your service.

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