I'm having problems doing what should be very simple. Trying to extend my JAVA knowledge which is limited to pure JAVA, not J2EE. To do so, I downloaded Eclipse (latest build) and Tomcat (v5.5). Everything appears to run fine, but I'm having problems running a simple JSP page (with JAVA Server Faces).

FYI, I'm on Mac, running latest Leopard build.

- In eclispe, define Tomcat as a server and strat server, no problem
- Create a new WEB project
- Create new .jsp page (simple, with HTML title, and text in body.
- Select Run -> Run On Server

Get error in browser :

HTTP Status 404 - /sample/faces/index.jsp
type Status report
message /sample/faces/index.jsp
description The requested resource (/sample/faces/index.jsp) is not available.