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Thread: POP UP in jsp

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    Default POP UP in jsp

    I am very new to JSP and I have managed to learn the fundamental concepts of it. Now let me tell you about my initial requirement. I am supposed to start a server page where if the user enters first, he should see a pop up where he should enter his details name and age. The pop up should be similar to an input dialog box in java awt/Swing(He should be able to see the first page in the back ground too but is unable to enter it before he specify his details. ). This details will be stored in the session bean until the session ends. So what should I use to get implement this pop up?? Am i supposed to use javascript? I searched web for the same and I saw an example using ajax. What is the exact purpose of using Ajax?

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    Ajax is a technology which supposed to sent data from server without reload all page. It base on javascript.
    BTW if you want to learn jee first time you must use only java without js, ajax. then when you understand all principle jsp, servlet you can start to use extension technologies.
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