I have a TEAV Java class that I must use to encrypt an input string from a JSP web form.

The web form is just a test page that will be part of a larger application.

The JSP webform should...
  • get an input string (already done)
  • call the TEAV class to encrypt the input string
  • return the encrypted string
  • populate a "span" tag with the encrypted string

I need help getting the submit button to call the TEAV encryption and pass the input string as a parameter.

What is the best way to do this?

Could you use a java bean for this?

This will eventually be turned into a web service to be used by a php application (if that makes a difference).
Right now I just need to know how to use the web form to encrypt an input string with the TEAV class.

System info:
Windows Server 2003
Apache Tomcat 7
JDK 1.6
Eclipse Indigo
Spring MVC (using for JSP web form)

Also, I'm doing this on a Windows Server 2003 machine. Will this method be any different on a Linux box? I didn't think so since Java, Tomcat, and Spring MVC will all be the same.