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    Default Chat Room in JSP

    I've been told to make a Chat Room using JSP and MS-SQL... The following are the features of the Chat Room I'm supposed to make... I've no knowledge whatsoever of JSP besides that it is a scripting language...

    Java Code:
    Chat Room Synopsis
    • Customizable Text: Fonts, Colours, BB tags etc.
    • User Accounts: Users can create accounts to register themselves on the forum.
    • Online Status: Members can set their online status. For example – Available, Busy, Away, etc.
    • Smilies: Members can put smilies in their posts using smiley codes.
    • Closed Rooms: Members can make a closed room which will require a password/invite to access the room. 
    • Private Chat: Members can use the private chat feature.
    • Ignore User/Block User: Members can block particular members from sending them messages.
    • Slang/Abuse Filter: Common English Slangs will be automatically filtered and replaced with some other text.
    • Flood Control: Users are not allowed to double post the same message.
    • User Privileges:
    1.	Guests: 
    i.	Guests won’t be able to use all the features of the site.
    ii.	Guests cannot use the private messaging feature.
    iii.	Guests are forbidden to create chat rooms nor can they accept invites to closed chat rooms.
    iv.	Guests won’t be able to change their avatars. A default avatar will be set automatically.
    2.	Registered Members: 
    i.	Users can register themselves by a unique id and password. 
    ii.	Members can set their name, gender, age and other information in their profiles.
    iii.	Members can create chat rooms, invite other members to join closed chat rooms.
    iv.	Members can set their avatars from the list of available avatars.
    v.	Members can set their online status and ignore a particular member.
    vi.	Members can use the private chat feature to chat in private.
    3.	Administrators: 
    i.	Admins can block users from a particular chat room.
    ii.	Admins can ban a member permanently.
    iii.	Admins can use all the other features of the forum.
    Now my question is,would it to easy to implement the following features using JSP? What level of JSP knowledge would be required to do so? I only know Core Java... I have asked this on a lot of forums but could not get any help...

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    Kriss-Kross-posted: Chat Room in JSP will make you jump, jump.
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