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    Default weblogic.servlet.jsp.CompilationException: exceeding the 65535 bytes limit

    ]] Root cause of ServletException.
    weblogic.servlet.jsp.CompilationException: Failed to compile JSP info.jsp
    info.jsp:4:19: Error in "file.jsp" at line 3: The code of method _jspService(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) is exceeding the 65535 bytes limit

    I am getting the above jsp compilation error when deployed on oracle weblogic application server on linux for one of the instalaltion.
    The same war file is deployed successfully on other weblogic installation. I want to know the reason for the above Exception and if it can be corrected with
    any weblogic settings or jvm settings.?

    The details are:
    Weblogic server version :
    Oracle database version :
    JRE version : 1.6.0_26

    I would appreciate a quick response on this.
    Thanks in advance.

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