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Thread: Using a JSTL

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    Default Using a JSTL

    In one of my JSP pages I am trying to use the fn tag library:

    Java Code:
    <%@taglib uri="/WEB-INF/fn.tld" prefix="fn"%>
    When the jsp is rendered, I am getting a

    Java Code:
    Error in tag library uri='/WEB-INF/fn.tld' prefix='fn': Tag Library Descriptor contains no Tag descriptions error.

    Could my webapp server (WebLogi 8.1) be the problem? I need the fn: 'contains' functionality in the tag library, which is the only reason I am using it. Is there any other way to do a contains inside of my <c:if test${StringA.contains(StringB)}"> type of thing?

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    in the uri atrribute you need to give absolute address of that tag lib like <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c"%> and fn.tld is the part of jstl core library so you need not to mention separately in the jsp page. In order to work with Jstl you need to configure the jstl in web.xml file

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