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    Question How to access array stored in database through JSTL


    Can I use JSTL for accessing the array elements stored in the database column.
    The Scenario is:
    I have a user defined type SCORE_DATATYPE(SCORENUMARRAY integer[], SCORENATYPE character(2))
    Score_Data is the column name where the SCORE_DATATYPE is stored.

    My question is using JSTL can I access the array elements of SCORENUMARRAY in a drop down box?

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    I am using a similar type of code as following:
    <&#37;@ include file="/html/common/init.jsp" %>

    <sql:query dataSource="jdbc:postgresql://,org.postgresql.Driver,postgres,marines@1 23" sql="select

    \"Array_Test\" from \"testing\" where \"test1\"=0" var="artists"/>


    <c:forEach var="n" items="${artists.rows}"

    <c:forEach var="item" items="${n}">
    <td><c:out value="${item}"/></td>


    the output is: Array_Test={0,1,2,3}

    not the elements of the array, actually the point here is that the var artists is taking the whole array as its value not the individual elements.
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    Please reply, your guidance is needed.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Saurabh Joshi.
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