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    Default calling a JSP from a JSP

    Hi guys,

    A jsp displays a transactionID which is a link <a href ....> 123213(Trans ID)</a>
    By clicking the transacition ID the a new jsp will be spawned with transaction details.

    1. I want the request object to persist when new jsp is called.

    2. The new jsp would be displayed in a window. So I would be writing a onClick function to call function and the function will use to open the new jsp in window

    Could you pls tell me how to do this.
    Thanks in Advance.

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    Well, for number 1 then you'd either have to stick the request parameters on the page as a hidden form, or in the servlet that forwards to the original JSP extract the parameters into a meaningful object and store that in the current session.

    The "opening in a new window" bit is Javascript.

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    1.If you want the object to be accessed in another page
    store the object in either "request", "session", "application" scopes

    2.The answer to your second requirement is:
    It will open the target page in new window
    <a href='hai.jsp' target='_blank'>hai</a>

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