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    Default Deployment of JSP and other language webpages on same server???

    Hello Everyone i am new in JSP and Servlet want to know that how we can use different languages webpage on same server, like JSP and PHP together to use both component on same server......if i have one component in JSP and Another in PHP or .NET how we can Connect both component and can we use them on same server like linux server....?????????????????

    Some one Plz help me.......ASAP..

    Thnx in Advance...

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    You can integrate apache and tomcat. but I think It is bad idea.
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    Tomcat is part of the Apache Project. You can find information on the Apache web site about combining the two -- essentially, configuring Apache to reverse proxy for Tomcat. Adding .NET into the mix on Linux is not something you want to ask about on this forum -- this is a Java forum.


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