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    Post Custom JSP Complier in Tomcat 6 ?

    Im moving my application server from Resin to Tomcat 6. In the process i am facing lots of problems wrt to JSP compilation. (receive loads of JasperExceptions due to syntax errors).
    My JSP's using JSTL 1.1 compile and run smootly in Resin .

    Is there any way i can use Resin's JSP complition class i.e "com.caucho.jsp.JspCompiler" instead of the Jasper compiler provided in Tomcat 6.

    In short Tomcat to use a specific complier instead of Jasper


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    This is a page about replacing Jasper with Jikes.

    The important bit, which I think might work for you, is:
    Make Jikes your JSP compiler for Tomcat by adding to /usr/local/tomcat/conf/web.xml:
    Java Code:
    Since entering the full path to Jikes in /usr/local/tomcat/conf/web.xml doesn't seem to work (version 4.1.27), make the jikes program available in your path:
    Java Code:
      ln -s /usr/local/jikes/bin/jikes /usr/local/bin/jikes
    The second bit you might have to figure out yourself, though.

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