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    Default browser compatibility..CSS code is working in Mozilla but not in IE


    Im facing some browser compatibility issues. My CSS Styles are working in Mozilla but not in IE7.

    CSS code:
    FONT-SIZE: 15px;
    COLOR: #006699;

    jsp code :

    <div class="MyCSS">
    Some Text Here

    Text should come in some blue color with bold but its not happening in Internet Explorer . Can anyone help me .

    Thanks in advance !!

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    wow, that looks pretty simple CSS, and to not work in I.E. 7!

    Well, it's probably a spacing issue. Maybe I.E. really wants to have space between {
    or no space between the : and value.

    Its also possible the way the .css is included, in the <link> tag needs to be done differently for it to work in I.E.

    Maybe have a look at one of those I.E. browser work around sites, like /* Position Is Everything */ &mdash; Modern browser bugs explained in detail!

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    Don't use uppercase spelling your css/html/jsp files...
    It's not correct by the W3C standards...

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