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    Question display tag hibernate problem

    hai any one say how to refer parent table attribute using display tag property ..

    my hibernate pojo class contains

    variable name as parent table name...

    example : private MaterialRequest materialrequest;

    how to get attribute from MaterialRequest in display tag property

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    can you paste your display tag code ?
    Arun K R,Bangalore,India

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    i retrive child table(MaterialRequestItems) attributes using select query from hibernate and then set to list named ''REQUEST "

    <display:table id="row" name="request" >
    <display:column property ="materialRequest.materialId " title="materialRequest.materialId " sortable="true" headerClass="sortable" />

    materialRequest is object of MaterialRequest(parent table) in hibernate POJO class

    but i need to get materialCode . ie i need to get column materialCode
    from parent table...

    can u provide solution?????

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