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    Default Request dispatch from one web app to another

    Hi all,

    Here s my constraint. I have to use request dispatch from one web app to another. I cant use sendRedirect because i do not want to lose the request header. i am using Tomcat 6 as my server.

    I used crossContext attribute of tomcat. Here is the content of server.xml

    <Context path="/Orbeon-Test" docBase="Orbeon-Test" debug="0" crossContext="true"

    <Context path="/Orbeon" docBase="Orbeon" debug="0" crossContext="true"

    My goal is to send request from app Orbeon-Test to app named orbeon. Orbeon and Orbeon-Test are two sample projects in eclipse which uses the same server.
    In a JSP File of Orbeon-Test i used

    ServletContext ctx = application.getContext("/Orbeon");
    RequestDispatcher rd = ctx.getRequestDispatcher("/one.jsp");
    rd.forward(request, response);

    But i am getting 404 resource not found exception.

    Please help !!!!
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