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    Default Loop through Array in JSP

    Hi Guys,

    Please Help, I had the same post before, but no one replied. please:

    I've got a big problem with these JSP/JSPX pages. I'm sure you people can help me.

    Basically I am passing an array of strings from a Java servlet to a JSP page where I am trying to go through the array using 'forEach' loop and for each element, invoke a MYSQL command.

    The array is called "Websites".

    Here is my code:

    <c:forEach var="e" begin="0" step="1" end=${Websites.length}>

    <sql:query var="table">
    select SUM(usability) as number from ${Websites[e]};

    I have two main problems, firstly in the ForEach Tag, "Website.length" is not working, it returns SQL error at run time.
    secondly in the MySql command, "${Website[e]}" is not working too, it returns SQL error at run time as well.

    PLease Please help because I have been spending so much time on this. :(:(:(

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    I think Websites has to be a collection, e.g. ArrayList, not array ?

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