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    Default How to print out data from web page to printer????

    Dear Friends,
    I've created project for lic and finally I got a problem to print data from web page to printer. I've already use javascript print() function. But it will print title and many more thing to page.
    I want to print these things as railway ticker print or you can say as receipt print. And you can also say as crystal report generate in .net.
    Please reply soon.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Rakesh Verma

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    You do understand of course that Java and JavaScript are two completely different languages, that this is a Java forum, and that if you want to have a JavaScript question answered, your best bet is to use Google to find a JavaScript forum.

    Since this topic is not of relevance to this forum, I am locking this thread. If I'm mistaken in some way, and if this question does have Java relevance, sorry in advance, and please send me a private message.

    Best of luck.
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