I have a button in my jsp page.
When I click on it I get the pop up window.

Iwant to keep the url address of the parent window
from which the pop up is generated.

But the url of the parent window is changed when the pop up is generated.

String url = PortalUtil.getPageUrl(ScopedServletUtils.getOuterR equest(getRequest()),
getResponse(), PortalPageConstants.ADVISER_SEARCH_RESULTS_PAGE, null);

this is i am setting in my controller.. along with

and for parent window:

String popUp = (String)request.getAttribute("popup");
String url = (String)request.getAttribute("url");


<script language="JavaScript">
window.open('<%=url%>','AdviserSearchResults','wid th=800,height=750,left=20,top=20,menubar=no,locati on=no,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,status=yes');