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    Default user authorization problem

    I am trying to build a simple web-site which has a user authorization functionality.

    I receive the login information via jsp page (containing hmtl forms).
    Jsp page sends this information to the servlet.
    Servlet instantiates a java object specific for this user.
    so for each logged-in user there is a corresponding java object. Example
    Java Code:
    myObject usr1 = new myObject("user1");
    myObject usr2 = new myObject("user2");
    Until here things are ok.

    The problem arises when user wants to logout using the logout form in the jsp page.
    I am not able to determine which user wants to log out.
    Does the user who wants to logout belongs to usr1 object or usr2?
    1. How can i hold the information on jsp pages so that in servlet i will be able to understand who wants to logout?
    2. How can i pass this information from jsp to servlet?
    Is there a way to do this without servlet session management?
    I don't want to use HttpSession objects.

    Thanks in advance.

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    What about request attributes, or better to store the auth information into cookies instead of using Session

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