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    Exclamation JSP with user-defined java classes

    I have a very simple web application which contains only one JSP file.
    In this JSP file i want to use a java class (Calculate.class) that is written by myself.

    My class is not in a package. So i simply put it into WEB-INF/classes directory.
    But when i run my application i get an error which points a compilation error in JSP page because Calculate.class cannot be find.

    Where should i put this class file?
    How should i import this class file inside the JSP?
    Where should i put the source code for this Calculate class so that it can be recompiled?

    PS: I am using Eclipse and Tomcat

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    One thing u can do ...but its not a good idea

    u can embed the class inside the static block and call

    example : test.jsp

    <%= new Hello().hai()%>

    <%!class Hello
    public String hai()
    return "Hi!!";

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    import your package and class in jsp file...
    Java Code:
    <%@page import=""%>
    in eclipse,open your jsp,and type your class for this:
    Java Code:
    <% new Hello();%>
    in the end of the "Hello",type alt+? then eclipse may assist you...
    then in the list,you can select your class and click enter,eclipse may automatic import your class package..
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