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    Default Web-Frontend-Architecture: Change a JSP-Application to a RIA


    first of all, sorry for my english! :rolleyes:

    I'm searching for any informations, howto's, literatures, field reports, ... but i've found nothing for the following problem:
    I would like to change an existing web-application with common JSP's, Servlets, Handler, ... to a RIA (richt internet application). So I only need to replace the View and keep the business logic of the application. But the problem is, that the existing application contains more than 300 JSP's and I don't want to discard that all. But I'll integrate different frameworks in order to provide AJAX components or the like (drag'n'drop, autocompletion, paging, hot key, universal table component, ...) with must as possible less investment to make the user interface more user-friendly and intuitively. So I would like to change as much as necessary but as little as possible in the existing view for justifiable costs/investment. And I don't want to develop the hole user interface.

    However I havn't found any usable informations according to my problem and I hope for your experience and help.

    Thx a lot!
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