Hi all,
I'm new in this part(jsp),
do any one had done the line graph by jfreechart
i'm using jfreechart-1.0.13,JFreeChart & jcommon-1.0.16
may i explain
there is aselection company,store any year range after the selection then the action goes to the action class (im using struts 1.2),
in action

dsChart=lp.getDataFromTable(fetchCompany, fetchStore, startmonth, endmonth,startyear,monthyear);
dsChart.setTitle(ap.getStoreName(fetchStoreAd)+" Fuel ");
return mapping.findForward("chart");

but on running the pgm the out put will be
why this error,please help me with any example in line graph in jsp(struts based)or any site that give a good tutorial.
thanks in advance