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    Question Displaytag in jsp

    Hello Friends,
    I m new to Displaytag and stuck on a critical part of my project.
    The problem is that I want to display the data which is much similar to three dimensional. means, I have a specific requirement of displaying username who was present in any of the branch of organization on specific date of the month. Note there are almost more than 15 branches of the organization.
    And I have to display the records for the month that the user sends as the parameter. Below is the example of what actually i want:

    Date Branch 1 Branch 2 Branch 3 Branch 4
    01 Oct, 2009 Emp 1 Emp 2 Emp 3 Emp 4
    02 Oct, 2009 Emp 2 Emp 5 Emp 3 Emp 1

    I want the show the above table using displaytag.
    I am fetching all the records using query in my java file.
    Pls help me...

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