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Thread: Ajax and JSP

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    HI All,

    I want to learn ajax with jsp (or) jstl, can ypu please someone help me.
    If you have any document for this can you please give and help me.


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    People will post many links here i guess,
    you can start learnig ajax in many ways.

    Traditionally w3schools is very good for first short introduction

    AJAX Tutorial

    But I want to post you a link ona page in which you can find
    how to run and debug in detail ajax applications.

    There are full typical ajax examples here which you can find all over net,
    but learning how to debug it and study what is going on behind scenes
    is most valuable part of this serious tutorial

    It uses Netbeans and Firebug
    hope u will find it useful...

    LAB-4257: AJAX Basics and Development Tools

    good luck!

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