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    form or DTO beans and process bean var value exchanges, is matter of neatly code only and may go out of way If want, and use beans as both DTO and process bean in ONE?
    session beans may retrieved and from other beans(eg process bean, if not, what the solution?) ? or only jsp?

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    First off, you shouldn't hijack someone elses thread.

    Second you're mixing up your languages a bit. The Java code and the Javascript code run at completely separate times. One (the Java) on the server and the other (the Javascript loop you have) on the client. So the client sees (10 and blah are just example values):

    for(var i = 0; i < 10; i++)
    colArray[i] = "blah";

    If you need further pointers, then you ought to raise your own thread on the issue.

    For lse123, I'm having real problems understanding what you're asking. Sorry. I know this must be at least as frustrating for you...

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