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    Default Jsp source not found

    Hi All:

    I am using Eclipse 3.5 and the Tomcat 6 and Weblogic 11g.
    I download the Oracle Eclipse Plugin "//". When I debug the jsp with ecliipse and Tomcat 6, it gives me the error "Source not found". It cannot find the jsp but it gives me the line number it is on in the jsp. Also in debug mode, under Variables tab, it shows the list of variables and their value. I started Tomcat6 within Eclipse.

    I have the same problem with Eclipse 3.5 and Weblogic 11g. I started Weblogic 11g within Eclipse.

    Any hint or help would be greatly appreciated it.



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    the eclipse debugger works with java source code. for your code in your project, it knows where this is, it's your java sources. for third party libraries, such as .jar files that provide additional API used by the [web] application, eclipse project can be configured to know where to look for the sources that correspond to each .jar file.

    Now for JSP pages, they start off as a .JSP, and the JSP servlet transforms them into a .java while, and then compiles that into a .class path, which then exists in the web application's class path. So it is possible that eclipse doesn't know where to look for the generated java sources from the JSP files.

    I have never tried to do the debug of JSP in tomcat in eclipse like this, but I am guessing there should be a temp folder or a work folder some place within the tomcat instance in eclipse, try to find the top level of the packages, usually a JSP compiles into the package org.apache.jasper....,and then add that work folder of .java files as a source folder to the project. ?

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