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    Default 2 test questions on JSP.

    Please, can you help me with this two test-questions.

    1. JSP supports which of the following platforms?
    A) Windows NT
    B) Linux
    C) Java environment
    D) All

    2. A certain JSP file written for Linux platform, compiled on Win NT and moved on the Sun Solaris Platform. Which of these statements are true?
    A) Jsp file can not be compiled on the Win NT.
    B) Jsp does not support Win NT platform.
    C) Jsp file can not be run on the Sun Solaris Platform.
    D) None of the above.

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    i think the answers for number one question is d) all
    and the question number 2 is d) none of above
    i don't clam that is the right answers but i think so
    you can make sure from another member if the others want to help us

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    I would think question 1 the answer is C), as although [tomcat, jetty, servlet container with a JSP compiler servlet] does run on Windows and Linux, it is not limited to these platforms, and to date there is no "Java" server pages implementation outside of the Java virtual machine runtime environment.

    I am not sure of wording, but I would think A) for question 2, because the truth, is a file can not be compiled on the Win NT, it is compiled in a JSP servlet, in a servlet container, in a Java runtime. ; b and c are false because within the container JSP is supported on the platform.

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    The first question sounds incorrect to me - It should read "which platform supports JSP" since JSP is not a platform and really does not support anything.

    The second question is also incorrect - since there is no such thing as writing a JSP for Linux platform (you could probably write a Java Desktop application for a specific platform, but not a JSP). JSP are written to run on web-servers and in reality have usually no dependency on the operating system.

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