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    Default JSTL-EL: ServletException : Unable to convert to string "${foo}"


    I have a JSP (web.xml is 2.3 DTD) that I have added my own tag to.

    The page unfortunately is full of scriplets and I need to pass a scriplet variable to my new tag. My tag is EL enabled (i.e. it uses the ExpressionEvaluationManager to process its args)

    so I have something like:

    <% MyTopicClass mytopic = (MyTopicClass);
    pageContext.setAttribute("topic", topic);

    <mytag:footag topicvalue="${topic}"/>

    Now I get

    Unable to convert string "${topic}" to class MyTopicClass for attribute topicitem...

    It as though the ${} sytax is being completely ignored. I read on another forum that you shol use web.xml 2.4 schema rather than 2_3 DTD, but I know of another project that uses JSTL-EL with no issues that is using the 2_3 web.xml.

    Any suggestions.

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    ok, I figured out what the issue was.

    Mix up with the tag properties type. One is a String (the input property) which is the EL expression, and one is its sibling, the instance of a MyTopicClass which is generated by the expression. I got the input fileds mixed up is al.

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