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    Default Looking for an accessibly captcha (with audio support)

    Hi there!

    I'm looking for an accessible captcha with audio support, for example: "webspamprotect . com".

    Unfortunately every captcha I found requires PHP or ASP to run. :(

    I like "recaptcha . net", but its combined with its webservice, so I cannot use it offline.

    Does anybody know a accessible captcha like "recaptcha . net" for Jsp/Java? Money is no object. :P

    (Btw: I'm not allowed to post URLs yet, so I had to split it - sorry!)

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    build your own captcha tool, where it randomly spits out generated images and on the server side, pipes the text it finds to that festival text to speech utility and capturing the audio stream. a lot of hackery needed to do the system call. and building a captacha system is so impractical when there are many good ones.

    for the concern of not being able to use the service offline, if that is for developer and testing modes ? Maybe would it be possible to just have a developer mode flag (set in a system property in your local tomcat instance, that would not be set by default in production, so the page, and handler logic, if the system property "captcha.disable.developer" (or something) is set it just doesn't do the captcha at all. ?

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