problem in doing leave management
Hi everybody
Im doing an online leave mangement in JSP, as a demonstration, im calculating the leave only for a predefined month say march. But how can i proceed if some one wants leave on March 31, April 1.

The scenario so far is.
An employee can login and view his profile, in his profile he will be able to see his current leave status. say 5 official leave and 2 other.When he takes 1 official leave it will be decreased by 1. But im stuck when it comes to multiple months. How can design a database suiting my need.

So far my db design is as follows

Employee register
Employee_ID PK (Will be entered manually, since it will be given @ the time of joining).

Employee leave table

employee_id FK
other_leave-------------When he/she takes a leave it will be decreased by 1 or by the no of days. if it approaches zero it will show a message and let the user to contact admin for further assistance.Also if official_leave not equal to zero and other_leave equal to zero, the user can opt a leave under official_leave(dont know whether the whole thing is a blunder, but im a newbie pls help or suggest any ideas).

But the system is only for a predefined month, my problem is when i deal with multiple months, how will be my database or how to change the database

Thanks in advance.