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    Default parsing and updating html file using JSP.

    Hello Friends,

    i want to design a web application which has to open a html file and append the html file which resides in the web server. This html file has one table with three columns. And it has one textfield, textarea and a submit button.

    Table like below
    |SlNo | Product Name| Description|

    If the submit button is pressed, then new row has to be appended at the end of the table. Also textfield content has to be filled in the product name, and textarea content has to be filled into description. Finally the new row has to be saved in the webserver with the same file name.

    So i need to parse the html table and find the end row. I tried it with java script. but i dont think that this approach will not save the contents into the file permanantly. So i preferred to do that with JSP.

    Kindly Help me out.


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    Make hidden divs and make that with AJAX, which will have a method for taking stuff from a bean or servlet.

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