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    Default java,jsp code to create a website statistics application

    Hello all,

    I wanted to create a website statistics application and i should code it using java,jsp.

    I want to track how many times a webpage is visited, the date,time when its visited. And the web page name and also the IP address needed to be tracked.

    And all these information to be stored in the database.
    that is no of times the webpage visited,page name,time,date,IP address
    to saved in the database.

    Please give me any suggestions,ideas regarding this application, if i could get the jsp,java code it will be very helpful for me..

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    use jsp tags to do it. the time,date & the no. of times the page visited can be calculate easily.

    then store it using jdbc connectivity. this part is easy. but not sure 'bout the 'IP address' part

    good luck
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    Default Need help for creating simple jsp web application

    I need to create web application which will show advertisement on the internet. Main functions of application should be publishing, deleting and searching of advertisement . So website needs to have front page index.jsp, which leads on two pages AddAdvertisement.jsp and searchAdvertisement.jsp

    1. It's needed to create Html forms for adding of advertisment and for searching of them.
    a. Every form needs to have java class, bean, who will serve her. Inside the class there are functioncs which works with forms.
    2 There should be login.jsp page which allows logging for username=admin, password=pass. This login form leads on the other page deleting of advertisement.jsp, which allows one click to delete all advertisement from the base of the data.
    a. It is needed to create the database .

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