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    Default new to JSP tech (associates to email)


    first of all, Any help will be much appreciated.

    I'm new, and i would like to understand how to make a JSP from my localhost to associates with email such as gmail, hotmail, and more.

    here's what i want to do: for example, people will sign up to my website then they will automatically receive email to activate their account. I bet we all saw that many times in websites.

    please explain the logic and how the email can be sent from my JSP (localhost)

    thanks in advance

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    hi wij,

    to send an email from java, we need javamail api.
    but it authenticates the server, if your localhost has smtp authentication then you can easily send the mail.

    the activation mail will carry some link of you jsp page with user's id to activate the user access. that page will update the row for that id to give the access to that user.


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