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    Default Problem with Attribute in JSP

    Hi, I'm trying to wrap an existing tag with a *.tag file that i created.
    I'm getting all the attributes in but i don't want to pass them all to the tag.
    let's say the tag name is <foo:bar />
    Then i want to put attributes dynamically .
    I cannot put a <c:if> inside the tag since it's should be evaluated in server side and then run in server side.
    Java Code:
    <c:if test="${! empty someAttr}">
    <jsp:attribute name="someAttr">${someAttr}</jsp:attribute>
    Can i do it at all ?

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    Could PageContext and the setAttribute() and getAttribute() methods be what you are looking for?
    If I understand what you want, something like the following could work:

    In the jsp-file:
    Java Code:
    SomeObject theObject = new SomeObject("Stuff");
    pageContext.setAttribute("ObjectByItsName/Key", theObject);
    And in your tag-file(s), you get access to that object by doing something like this:
    Java Code:
    PageContext pageContext;
    pageContext = (PageContext) getJspContext();
    SomeObject myObject = (SomeObject) pageContext.getAttribute("ObjectByItsName/Key");
    if (myObject != null) {
    	// do stuff with the object...

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