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    Default Java String to html var

    So i have a scriptlet that does some stuff and ends with a String called results. Within the scriptlet I do

    session.setAttribute("result", results);

    I need to access the String results outside of the scriptlet, to perform some action in the html portion of the page with it. So after the scriptlet I have

    var word = '<% session.getAttribute("result"); %>'

    This however gives me a blank string or undefined, I tested doing alert(word). I have also tried some of the following

    var word = '<% StringFormat.toHTMLString((String) session.getAttribute("result")); %>'
    var word = '<%= with session.get and stringformat.toHTML %>'

    I guess the problem is the formating difference from java string to html's var format. How do I do this?
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    what you exactly want to do?
    you want to put the java var value to a html form var value? or what?

    please clear your query

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